Mother of Bride Wedding Speech Ideas

Mother of the Bride SpeechEvery mother has a lot of emotions when it comes to the wedding of her daughter. But her emotions are even greater if she has to deliver a mother of the bride speech during the party called wedding reception. The main causes for these strong feelings are two: the fear of public speaking and the fact that these mothers don’t know what to talk about during their toasts. The solution for the first problem is presented in the first posts of this website, especially in the article about the presentation of the oration.

This post tries to solve the second problem, by revealing the topics that should be covered in the main section (the central part, known as the toast’s body) of any mother of the bride wedding speech. The order in which these topics will be covered may vary. You should know that the ideas presented in the entire oration, and especially the ones included in the toast’s body, must be in keeping with the main theme that you ought to choose for your speech.

One of the things that you are not allowed to forget to do is to welcome the bridegroom, the new husband of your daughter, in your family. You should also express your admiration for him and for his family (especially for his parents). In the main section of your mother of bride toast, you ought to congratulate your daughter, the bride, for her wonderful husband, and also you should tell her how lucky she is that she has found such an excellent man.

The wedding protocol from many regions provides that the wedding should be organized by the bride’s parents. If this is your situation, then you should thank to the persons who helped you to arrange the reception; you should thank them on behalf of your husband and you, especially if the bride’s father didn’t deliver an oration. Describing the bride (your daughter) is another thing that you ought to do during the body of your mother of the bride speech. You should highlight her virtues and express your gratitude and contentment for having such a wonderful daughter. However, you should not exaggerate with the praises.

You can also mention some funny moments from the bride’s childhood or youth. Asking her approval (while you are preparing your oration) is a must. You certainly don’t want to upset her or make her feel embarrassed at her own wedding, do you? You can also tell, if your daughter agrees with this, how the newlyweds first met and even when and how you met the bridegroom for the first time. During the body of your mother of bride toast you can explain the positive influence that the groom (your new son-in-law) exerted on your daughter.

Useful advice for a successful marriage is very suitable to be offered in the main part of the oration. You can speak from your own experience (take care not to upset your husband, the bride’s father) or you can reveal what you have learned from your readings or from other people. You may speak about confidence, friendship, mutual respect, etc. This is a perfect opportunity for adding a little humor to your mother of the bride speech, by using some good jokes about love, wedding and marriage. You can find lots of such funny quotations in the resource that you can see on this webpage.