All the Successful Mother of the Bride Speeches Have These 4 Things in Common

This article was last updated February 2017

I wrote this article especially for revealing you four tips referring to the content of your speech, which help the professional public speakers to enjoy successful speeches.

Although I was the mother of the bride last year, in July, in this post I speak not only from my own experience, but also from what I have noticed at the dozens of weddings where I participated with my husband or alone, when I was not married.

Moreover, my spouse is an experienced orator, so I learned a lot of tips from him about the excellent discourses, tips that I share with you on this website.

In this article I focus only on the text of the wedding speech. If you are interested in the appropriate manner of delivering such a talk or in any other aspects related to this kind of discourse, you ought to read this website’s posts that are dedicated to the details about which you are curious.

Delivering Mother of the Bride Speeches Is Like Selling

Offering a discourse is like selling a product: the discourse is your product, you are the seller and your listeners are your clients. When you sell, you must satisfy your customers with your product; when you deliver a talk, a mother of bride speech, for example, you must also satisfy the persons looking at you and listening to you. In selling, you earn money if the clients buy your products or services. In public speaking, you earn contentment if the attendees like your talk. So, the speaker’s main purpose is to please the audience with his or her speech. Continue reading “All the Successful Mother of the Bride Speeches Have These 4 Things in Common”