All the Successful Mother of the Bride Speeches Have These 4 Things in Common

This article was last updated February 2017

I wrote this article especially for revealing you four tips referring to the content of your speech, which help the professional public speakers to enjoy successful speeches.

Although I was the mother of the bride last year, in July, in this post I speak not only from my own experience, but also from what I have noticed at the dozens of weddings where I participated with my husband or alone, when I was not married.

Moreover, my spouse is an experienced orator, so I learned a lot of tips from him about the excellent discourses, tips that I share with you on this website.

In this article I focus only on the text of the wedding speech. If you are interested in the appropriate manner of delivering such a talk or in any other aspects related to this kind of discourse, you ought to read this website’s posts that are dedicated to the details about which you are curious.

Delivering Mother of the Bride Speeches Is Like Selling

Offering a discourse is like selling a product: the discourse is your product, you are the seller and your listeners are your clients. When you sell, you must satisfy your customers with your product; when you deliver a talk, a mother of bride speech, for example, you must also satisfy the persons looking at you and listening to you. In selling, you earn money if the clients buy your products or services. In public speaking, you earn contentment if the attendees like your talk. So, the speaker’s main purpose is to please the audience with his or her speech.

How to Please Your Audience

Now that we clarified the principal purpose of all discourses, including the wedding speeches, let’s see how to make the audience enjoy your talk. I promised in the first paragraph of this article that I will tell you here only about the content of the talk. So, let’s determine how the text of your speech should look like, so that it would satisfy the attendees. One more thing: when it comes to your daughter’s bridal reception, not only the mother of the bride dresses, hairstyles and shoes are important, but also your discourse. Be sure that you prepare and offer it properly.

  1. Don’t Upset Them

First and foremost, it’s essential to not upset anyone present at the wedding reception. That is to say, you should not annoy or offend any of your listeners. Are you wondering how you can offend them with your discourse? Well, you could do that very simple, by telling some stupid jokes. Therefore, the first tip concerning the content of your wedding speech, is simply this:

Choose your words and, especially, jokes, with a lot of care, so that you won’t hurt anyone’s feelings!

This is maybe the most important hint, because, if you don’t take account of it and if you do the opposite of what it says, you risk to spoil your whole discourse, even if you follow all the other tips related to the content or delivery of the mother of the bride speeches. So, don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this first tip, because its importance is really huge. Another essential thing related to this tip that I must tell you is this: you ought to keep in mind this tip not only while getting ready for your talk, but also while delivering it in front of the wedding guests.

  1. Don’t Bore Them

You can’t make your listeners enjoy your talk if you bore them, can you? Okay, so how could one bore his or her audience through his or her discourse? Well, there are three major ways by which a speaker can make the audience lose interest in its speech: by talking too much, by using the same voice tone throughout the whole discourse and by telling things that don’t interest the listeners. So, the second tip can be easily and immediately deduced:

Make sure that you catch the listeners’ attention by:

  • speaking not too much. Around five minutes is the optimum duration for a wedding speech.
  • using intonation. Modulate your voice and use pauses for emphasizing the main ideas and words. This is actually a delivery tip, that is to say, a hint that refers to the manner of offering the discourse. Although this post is dedicated to the content tips, I had to mention it here, in this context, since it is an essential way of catching the audience’s attention.
  • asking short questions. By doing this, you determine them to become interested in your talk, because you make them curious about what the bride’s mother is going to tell them.
  • often speaking in the second person. By addressing directly to the persons in front of you, you not only earn their focus, but also make them like you, because, by including them into your talk, you will make them feel that they are a part of your family or group of friends.
  1. Don’t Speak Pretentiously

During your wedding toast or speech, you shouldn’t try to look more important, cultivated or intelligent than you are, nor that you are superior to your listeners, in order to impress them, because the result of such an attempt is exactly the opposite of your intention: you would annoy them and make them despise you. Therefore, the third content-related tip is this:

Be natural. Use your own words, avoiding the bombastic language. Remember that simplicity and naturalness are gold features.

  1. Be Sincere

Nobody likes to be cheated. You must not underestimate the intelligence of your listeners. They will figure out if you lie to them. So, don’t say something that is not valid for you, even if you think that the others would like to hear this from you. The fourth hint regarding the content of any discourse, including the mother of the bride speeches, is this:

Be sincere. Express only what you really feel or believe. Speak from your heart.